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  • Sugar Processing Chemicals

We are supplying Sugar Processing Chemicals to Major Sugar Mills present all over India for the past 38 years and have developed strong relations with them. Each year we keep on bringing innovative products that reduce the cost and increase efficiency of the Chemical Processes involved in the manufacturing of Sugar. We have developed a strong core competence in timely delivering High Quality Niche Products used in critical processes in Sugar Mills.

We supply following Sugar Processing Chemicals:

1 Flocculant - Praestol LT 27 (Formerly Magnafloc LT 27 ) - Make - Solenis Chemicals (Formerly BASF)
2 Colour Precipitant - Praestol LT 7991 (Formerly Magnafloc LT 7991)
3 Alikaline Descalent
4 Acidic Descalent
5 Mill sanitation Chemicals - DTC & QUAT
6 Antiscalents - Process
7 Viscosity Reducers
8 Flocculant for Refinery - Praestol 2640Z
9 Flocculant for SRT - Praestol LT 27 AG (Formerly Magnafloc LT 27 AG)
10 Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals
11 Cooling Water Treatment Chemicals